Prospect Games is pleased to announce its presence at the UK’s most popular gaming event, EGX 2015, where the up-and-coming indie studio’s next title Unbox will be available to play in both multiplayer and single player form.
Having amazed audiences at MineCon, Unbox’s addictive gameplay and colourful scenery has started to make a name for itself in indie circles and will now be bringing the frenetic multiplayer fun to the legions of gaming fans attending EGX at the Birmingham NEC between the 24th and 27th of September. This will follow the commencing of Unbox’s Steam Greenlight campaign, due to begin on the 17th September. For more details and to keep in the know on when the game goes live on Greenlight, simply follow @UnboxTheGame on Twitter.
Unbox is set in the near future, where Global Postal Services has just developed the ultimate postal service; self-delivering cardboard boxes! Players are invited to put this new tech to the test and roll, jump and Unbox their way through a variety of imaginative and perilous worlds – on their own and in competition with friends.
“We’re really excited to let a whole new bunch of people get their hands on Unbox, and going by how well it’s gone down so far we’re all confident that the gamers of EGX will love it,” said Andrew Bennison, Managing Director at Prospect Games. “The power and versatility of Unreal Engine 4 has given us an incredibly high level of creative freedom – the resultant look and feel of Unbox is like nothing you’ve ever played!”
Prospect Games is a self-funded start up business which recently secured private investment based on their development of Unbox. It’s made up of seven developers and is based in Salford, where it was founded in 2013 by Salford University alumni and gaming fanatics Andrew Bennison, Jack Bognar and Tim Sherliker. After working in the AAA industry and experiencing initial success as Prospect Games in the mobile field, the studio was able to get cracking with the soon-to-be-legendary Unbox.
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