The Grand National , the biggest horse racing event in the calendar and like every year there is always lots to talk about , this year is no different.

wpid-grand-national_2193576bWith the race having to be restarted because of rope not being tight enough at the start line with horses trying to get a fast start, and with McCoy being knocked off his horse because of this start line the horse was running round the track backward only to be caught and took back to the starting line with the jockey safety on board.

The race then finally got under way with action from the off there was a lot of horses which fell at the jumps and also with three horses being destroyed due to their fall means its puts the national in the firing line once again about the well being of the horses and the jockeys.

wpid-article_81dad8827158094b_1334424480_9j-4aaqskThere was also a female jockey on par to be the first female jockey to win a grand national but to later be beaten near the finish line.
With all the action and drama of the national and me backing all the 200/1 and 100/1 horses just because anything can happen in a national a winner was crowned and a lovely grey horse as well.

But the news was other shadowed by the deaths of three horses which was a real shame as it was a great national but the question is how long will the national be ‘running’ for due to the amount of bad press its getting because of this. Changes certainly will need to be made.

So what do you think ?