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Tenth Electric announce the release of their upcoming single, Brighter, out on Friday 12th October

The band, who offer a gritty blend of electronic rock with powerful lyrics and guitar riffs deliver a message of empowerment, hope and faith in this new track and forthcoming EP.

The upcoming EP, out this Autumn, draws attention to the stigma surrounding mental health issues conveys positive ways to combat this together. Whether it is focusing on the little things in life or taking a moment to breathe, Tenth Electric believes music is a gateway to breaking down barriers that so many of us face.

Pain doesn’t discriminate; none of us are okay all the time and we should not be afraid to talk about our issues and share the burdens.

Building on lead singer Luke Mitchell’s experience personally, spiritually, and as an advocate for vulnerable individuals, Tenth Electric want to unify people and encourage people to speak up and say ‘it’s ok to not be ok’.

We are all in this together and change is around the corner.

Brighter is a song about seeking joy in the little things of life but within a bigger perspective; A moment in singer Luke Mitchell’s life at Glastonbury festival and its inspirational power. In a world where we are all travelling at 100 miles an hour it is important to learn to love the little things as these are what ultimately really matter.

Brighter is out on the 12th October- http://hyperurl.co/tebright

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