Review : East is East , Nottingham Playhouse

Based on writer Ayub Khan's childhood experiences, East is East is a light-hearted (albeit with serious undertones) look at the life of an "Anglo-English, Eurasian" family in the 1970's - seen through the eyes of 12 year old Sajit Khan (Viraj Juneja). His relationship with his family...and his parka...have the audience laughing and 'aww' ing in equal measure.  (more…)

By Kim Eyre, ago

Review : Toast – Theatre Royal Nottingham

  A play written by Richard Bean set in a bakery. Taking my seat in a full house with my Son, there was a background noise of churning and an industrial hum. The set was grubby and the play was within a staff canteen environment. The story delved into a group of Bakers trying to maintain the output of a bakery that they believed to be targeted by management for closure. The workers had formulated a plan to work together to maximise efficiency so that they were able to keep the bakery running without incurring extra cost and a maximum turnover. (more…)

By Nicola Eyre, ago
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