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Saints Row IV In A Row

Today Saints Row IV celebrates a fourth week at number one in the all formats UK charts.

This achievement secures Saints Row IV as the most successful Saints Row product in the history of the franchise in terms of chart position, previously only the original Saints Row, launched in September 2006 made the all formats top slot for one week. The Last of Us from Sony is the only other title of 2013 to have beaten this record with 6 weeks consecutive weeks at number 1.

“We are obviously thrilled to have four weeks in a row at number 1” stated Paul Nicholls, Sales & Marketing Director of Norther Europe, Deep Silver, “Thank you to all of the Saints Row fans that have made this possible”.

Deep Silver is now the most prolific publisher of 2013 after enjoying 8 weeks in the number 1 slot with Saints Row IV (4 weeks) , Metro Last Light (1 week) and Dead Island : Riptide (3 weeks) and has two titles in the top 10 best selling games of the year with Saints Row IV and Dead Island Riptide (ASP Value).

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  1. I’m so happy Saints row 4 found a great home after Thq’s unfortunate closing. Saints row 3 & 4 are two of my favorite games right now. Whatever Deep Silver is feeding their workers, i hope they don’t run out because they’re clearly an incredible group.

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