The Golf Club

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphic: 8/10
Audio: 8/10

Easy control system, good graphic and sound

Targeted to the golfing scene obviously but should be promoted to the wider audience

The Golf Club, possibly the smartest name for a Golf game ever imagined, is the creation of HB Studios. HB Studios as some of you may know are the creators of PLENTY of sporting games, and are at the top of their game in that industry. They were set to work on PGA 15, but was cancelled at replaced with the aptly named The Golf Club. The idea was for a seamless golf game with a focus on realistic golf practices, no loading screens, and individual customization for your own personal golfer.

And have they achieved that?

Golf, in honesty, must be one of the hardest sports to make a game out of. Properly making it as realistic and seamless as possible, whilst still retaining some of the core mechanics for a game which make it interesting is a massive ask of any studio. But I think that HB Studios have done some of their best work in this instance. It’s relatively easy to pick up, it doesn’t attempt to project the game in an over-the-top commercialised manner, and it lets you play the game how you’d like to play it.

The Golf Club_20140901100731There’s buttons for basically you’d like to look over whilst you’re midplay, and there’s really no faults in how easy it is to play the game. The gameplay mechanics are very similar to other golf games, with some really neat little additions to camera control, and an extensive character customization which lets you create a very individual player. You can also view how you did in contrast with your friends in real time, which adds the little ‘competitive edge’ to your play.

The amount of different courses you can play is also immense. The game acts more of a ‘golf simulator’ which is what’s needed in the sports market nowadays.

SCORE: 8/10

Audio and Graphics:
There’s really nothing to fault in the way of graphics and audio in this game. The audio is a nice, relaxing accompaniment of music which blends in nicely with the game. The in play audio is also very well done, and really doesn’t divert away from the play. All in all it’s a nice, simple audio, which boosts the relaxation of the game, and calms you down when you miss that all important shot!

imageGraphically it’s a masterpiece. Sports games are really coming on leaps and bounds in terms of graphics, and I think that the Golf Club is definitely a part of this graphic revolution. It’s nice to see such well thought out graphics for a game like this, because it definitely boosts how you play the game.

SCORE: 8/10

So, in fairness, I’m glad to give it the 8/10. It’s nice, simple, doesn’t confuse you, and keeps you wanting to play more. If you’re a fan of golf, immense graphics, or high amount of customizable attributes for your game, then this is definitely one to keep an eye out for.


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