Shadow of the Ghost – Classic Thriller Season 2014

7.0 Overall Score
Performance: 7/10
Story: 7/10
Set Design: 7/10

Joke and Jumpy elements | Great cast

Seemed a bit rushed

We all love a good laugh and you can’t beat a good thriller, so combining the two should be a sure gone hit, with that in mind the Classic Thriller Season returns to Nottingham’s Theatre Royal with spooky going on’s and comedy elements for its second week.

SCC21139The Shadow of the Ghost is the next installment, for its second week of the Classic Thriller Season here in Nottingham tells a story of a small theatre group known as the Lemon Tree Players act out  Arnold Ridley’s ‘The Ghost Train’ in Shadow of the Ghost. The play also takes place on a Sunday afternoon which leads to a number of running gags from Lemon Tree Players.

Everything that can go bump in the night did and most of the time ended up scaring poor Barrie (Alan Magor) who at the slightest noise would jump out of his skin, from the play they all thought they where rehearsing then turned into a real life Murder Mystery.

SCC20873Michael Melly (John Banks) assembled as many of his team of actors as he could so that they could run through rehearsals of the Shadow of the Ghost, but with a number of the actors unable to make it on this Sunday afternoon Barrie decided to play a number of different character roles myself which meant some of the remaining cast found it so what confusing.

Without too much waiting the rest of the cast members finally showed up to have their input into the first scene of the rehearsals, but little did they know someone wanted to make everything more exciting for these few. I don’t want to give away but there is a few whodunits with plenty of laughs, all of the cast played their parts well but a special mention must go out to the two stars of the show which goes to Jack Taylor (Andrew Ryan) because when ever I see him on the bill for the Classic Thriller Season I know that he wouldn’t disappoint and this time around he once again stole the show, Alan Magor was the most comically of the show just how he jumps around and screams!

As always with the Classic Thriller Season the staging and the lighting was very good, making it dark and scary at times, don’t be put off by the fact that this is a comedy thriller I was a little a the start but from start to finish it was a all round great performance.

“It’s good so go and see it!” The packed house at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal did and we look forward to next weeks performance.


Special Mentions:

Best Male Actor:

Best Comedy:

Best Female Actor:

Most Energy:


Written by Nicolas Ridley and Chris Ponka

Show dates: Mon 4th August – Sat 9th August


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