Murder Weapon – Classic Thriller Season 2014

8.5 Overall Score
Performance: 9/10
Story: 7/10
Stage Design: 8/10

Good Story | Set Design| Cast Performance

Some cast hardly used

Its here! the final story as part of this year’s Classic Thriller Season, and this one just happened to have a Murder in it? but Whodunit?! We was kept guessing till the very end with lots of twists and turns as well as laughs throughout and great performance.

This was by far one of the best shows I have seen from the Classic Thriller Season’s over the years, it had laughs it had a great story which was directed by Adrian Lloyd James plus to get things in the mood for a chilling case the lighting and stage design really stepped up so great work from Michael Donoghue and his team! Prefect…

So lets talk about the performance, Jessica Bligh (Karen Henson) and Inspector Fremont (Michael Sherwin) were trying to solve a murder case and it was Jessica’s first murder case that she was investigating, but as for Inspector Fremont he had seen this all before. The finger was well and truly being pointed at Charley Mirren (Jeremy Lloyd Thomas) as only just been released after a 10 year sentence in prison only the day before, for murdering his wife and children but for Inspector Fremont this case wouldn’t be so black and white and wouldn’t be solved as quickly as he hoped, Jessica wanted to get to the bottom of it and solve the case as she wasn’t certain that all the clues were correct.

Diane Tulliver (Jacqueline Gilbride) would come home to find her husband murdered in front of her, with Jessica coming to her aid. This is why Inspector Fremont was trying to explain to Jessica she was there, she saw who did it, but did she actually see Charley do anything? Charley Mirren was a very easily confused character who ended up forgetting certain things but also retaining and remembering others but as it became difficult for him to remember what happened on that night Jessica and Inspector Fremont much to she disappointment reenacted the events at Diane’s home.

Pieces were trying to be put back in place by Charley, he tells his side of the story what happens when he visits his doctor (played by Alan Magor) which Charley became friends with so instead of having their meetings in the office they would end up going to pubs and other public places for Charley to talk to his doctor, so whilst the story was being panned out certain elements of Charley’s story didn’t add up so Jessica wanted to speak to everyone and also try and read into the mind of a murderer.

What a Performance! This was one of the best performances I have seen as part of the Classic Thriller Season’s over the years, once again the full cast were great on the night but the special mentions will go to the following, providing the best laughs of the evening and a great performance goes to Michael Sherwin for his role as Inspector Fremont, Karen Henson really shinned tonight and a more serious role as Jessica Bligh this really suited her and as mentioned the Classic Thriller Season would return next year, he is hoped that she is written into a serious character like this one.

Alan Magor played is role perfectly only a little name slip up which the audience laughed at, but in all sense of the role he was playing could of really stayed in the show because thinking back about it, the little mistake should of happened, with Alan his role was funny and serious but you will see for yourself what kind of role he is playing in this one.

Andrew Ryan (Paul) and Edward Parris (Constable Walters) made a appearance which never had any problems, was a shame that it was only brief for Andrew as I normally like to see a stellar performance from him, but never the less both did well for the parts in the show they had.

The outstanding performance by Jeremy Lloyd Thomas (Charley Mirren) made for a standing ovation from the audience at the Theatre Royal Nottingham, it was a performance that stool the show, this character movements and facial expressions as well as his chilling murderess side it was like I was watching a movie on the big screen, I was fixated so the performance of the night well and truly goes to Jeremy for his role as Charley Mirren.

As mentioned great stage and lighting design as well as good references to other shows as well as that scottish play starting with the letter M, so if you like a Murder Mystery as well as some good laughs and a great evening go get your ticket from the box office as you will not be disappointed.



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