Its billed as the most scariest theatrical performance of all time , so with all the bumps in the night how will it fair to today’s audiences and the scare factor.

Slightly different to the recent adapted film version of The Woman In Black , the stage version sees former solicitor Arthur Kipps (Played by David Action) seeking guidance on how he can tell his story to his friends and family and finally have it laid to rest.

His story would be re-enacted by ‘The Actor‘ (Played by Matthew Spencer), who was more interested in Arthur have confidence and come across more like something Irving would do, but Arthur only wanted this story to be out there not being a spectacle.

So trying not too give to much away here as its really is something you must experience for yourself seeing The Woman in Black live, but we get to see ‘The Actor’ recreate the time the Arthur Kipps had when sorting out papers and the affairs of the late Mrs. Drablow at Eel Marsh House in a small town called Cryphin Gifford.

The locals weren’t too fond on helping Arthur or to have anything to do with assisting him when the name Mrs. Drablow was mentioned. After the funeral of Mrs. Drablow Arthur found that the vast amount of papers work couldn’t just be done in a couple of hours it would mean for his work to be done he would need to stay the night, however ever since the funeral things were not as the seemed in this small remote town.

This is certainly how a theatre production is meant to be, it had elements of humor, tension and suspense, mixing that together with an audience jumping out of their seats at any given opportunity.

Both actors work well together setting scene by scene as it was about the acting and how they made the magic happen on stage, with hardly an props they had to make do and use our imaginations to take us to these far away places and picture as if we were really they as on lookers, listening to the story being told.

The packed crowd really enjoyed Arthur opening gags as every time I see The Woman in Black it has me marvel at the work played by Arthur from both the story telling and ‘The Actor’ recreating it, this time it did seem more chilling as scary than I remembered it as there were parts were it gave me goosebumps for some reason and then I would jump out of my skin, it’s odd but I knew what was coming up but that still didn’t stop me from hiding behind the chair in front.
With all the bumps in the night and the knocking on doors plus screams and laughs from the audience The Woman in Black for me personally holds up as being one of the best theatre experiences, you really must see while its here in Nottingham.

You will be on the edge of your seat the whole way through and like me be jumping out of my skin each and every time the white skeleton liked face of The Woman In Black appears as well as each and every moment when the lights went out and all you can see is a ghoulish figure walking round the stage and creeping up on people.

You have been warned do not see this alone or easily scared.

Review by James Jarvis