We at ItsMuchMore were contacted by a local school to see whether we would publish a number of students reviews of books that they have been reading, and of course we were happy to help. 

Here is there review:

Red is a young boy from pallet town who wants to catch all the Pokémon in the world. 

His rival blue is in it to win it and will train endlessly to get all the gym badges. Professor oak is the grandad of blue he knows more than anyone else about Pokémon. 

This story starts of in pallet town red shows his mass skill of catching Pokémon by catching a nidoran. He proceeds to go to the professor who mistakes him for a thief and lets all the pokemon from the lab out. The professor will give red a pokedex and he will go on his adventure.

Red: he is one of the main characters that is on an adventure to catch em’ all referring to the Pokémon.

Blue: reds rival that constantly wants to challenge him to the top and wants to make red fail his quest so he can return home with the complete pokedex first

Prof.oak:a professor with a Cando attitude ,he gives all new trainers a starter pokemon wich is either bulbasaur,charmander or squirtle normally but in reds case Pikachu

My opinion is that the manga has many good plots wich has a part that could be classed as a filler and its great I would recommend to a friend because I don’t think the anime covers everything and this is more in depth if you like adventure and action

we give this a 5 star rating

A book review by Robin and mattias

 Pokémon adventures vol 1.