Famous film star Robert Drury’s (Jeremy Lloyd Thomas) has his young son kidnapped, the demand for his return is somewhat different from you may expect.

In the home belonging to Robert Drury and his wife Stella Drury (Angie Smith) a stranger visits the house and insists of staying in their home for 48 hours, this is to assure the safe return of their son, things aren’t what they seem and the Drury’s find themselves being murder suspects.

Directored by Andrew Ryan and story by Francis Durbridge the production was set in the 1970s, as we took our seats in the Theatre Royal Nottingham, we were greeted by a lovely Set Design by Sarah Wynne Kordas, this gave the look and feel of a well to do living room from the 1970s of a famous film star.

Looking around there didn’t seem to be an empty seat left, everyone seemed to be excited to see what was in store for the next installment of the Classic Thriller Season, the audience wouldn’t have to wait long for things to start developing, the good character building from the get go.

Powerful performances by Jeremy Lloyd Thomas and David Gilbrook (Who played as Inspector Burford), each of their on set time together was remarkable, yes there were a few mistakes but the audience laughed along with them.

The comedy factor was also added to House Guest by Susan Earnshaw (Who played as Dorothy Medway), she did the dizzy character well, this made the audience warm to her scenes. Robert Durbin (Who played as Sergeant Clayton) also had some funny moments but sadly wasn’t enough wish he would of had more of a persistence as I felt his performance was quite good for the limited time on stage.

Michael Sherwin (Who played as Crozier) and Sarah Wynne Kordas (Who played as Jane Mercer) both put on professional performances, their characters were ungrudging, the same as Robert Durbin I wish that they all had more time on stage to shine.  First time I’ve seen Anna Mitcham (Who played as Vivien Norwood) perform and I felt she did a good job and to open the show I couldn’t fault her performance from start to finish.

I personally felt that House Guest is up there with one of the better Classic Thriller Season performance I’ve seen, I enjoyed the story, the twists and the comedy factor too, like I say there is a bit of everything in this one, there is suspense, comedy oh and a couple of jump scares too. I had a very enjoyable evening and all the cast and crew who make the Classic Thriller Season what it is, should be proud of themselves that they’ve produced another stella performance.