We at ItsMuchMore were contacted by a local school to see whether we would publish a number of students reviews of books that they have been reading, and of course we were happy to help. 

Here is there review:

The Guinness World Records book bring out a new book every year, it has in it people from all over the world. The book makes us feel happy when we read it so you can relax.

People set records to get trophies and to be in the Guinness World Record Book. People do silly and dangerous stuff and funny too.

We like the book because it is funny, our favourite parts were the Lego models because they were cool, and the sports section because we like football and it’s interesting facts.

We would recommend this book because it has lots of things that we can’t do and we wouldn’t attempt to. If the activities look good we may try it!

A Book Review by : Matt and Charlie

star rating: 4

Title: Guinness world records 2017 Author: GWR 2017