A production of George’s Marvellous Medicine the children’s book by Roald Dahl arrived at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal. Half-term for some children but others desperately waiting, especially my daughter who accompanied me. We went to the evening show beginning at 7pm, would my daughter be able to stay awake, would she be able to get up for school the following day?

Upon arrival the foyer bustled with the usual children and adults, they all seemed to be very well-behaved last night. It can usually get chaotic but all seemed easier. We waited to collect our booster chair with ease and plenty of available Usher’s to help, the foyer also seemed brighter. We took our seats and were able to view the set of George’s house and farm. It was a grand set and very eye-catching. I am not familiar with this book, I don’t recall reading it or read it to my daughter but I had heard of it. My daughter has not read the book yet, but it is in her recent Roald Dahl collection that she is working her way through. We were ready with no expectations…

                 The story begins with George, who lives on a farm with his Mum, Dad and farm animals, he is very happy with his life and helping out with the animals. All is well at the farm when his Mother (Tessa Vale)receives a letter from Grandma & plans to stay. Dad (Richard Mullins) is not looking forward to the visit from the awful woman and George does not want to give up his room.

A hoot of a story, my daughter grabbed my arm after hearing the shrill mocking voice of the mean Grandma played by Deborah Vale. “How can Grandma’s be so horrible”, my daughter luckily has no concept of mean Grandparents. George (Ed Thorpe)was an excellent character who wanted to get back at his mean Grandma by adding a few extra ingredients to her medicine. He concocted a recipe to make the old woman sweet and kind.

The audience were able to participate in the story by remembering the ingredients and chanting the magic words. They loved the magical effects on the Granny and the farm yard animals. I really enjoyed the visual effects and they were brilliantly done, the whole performance was just right. The cast were lovely and each played their characters with warmth and enthusiasm. It was a joy to be in the audience, the show wasn’t too long and the children remained content,it all flowed well.


I would encourage parents looking for a half-term treat to go along, sit back and enjoy the performance. I know that it will be next on our list for our bedtime story.


Good Points – Granny’s super transformation

Bad Points – Worrying about children mixing potions.


Performance 9/10

Set 8/10