Virtual Reality has arrived. HTC’s Vive will be publicly playable for the first time in the UK at next month’s EGX.

htc-viveOli Welsh, Editor of called HTC’s Vive headset – powered by Valve’s SteamVR software platform – “astounding” and “the new frontier” when he tried it. This incredible technology has been wowing players worldwide since its reveal in the spring.

Visitors to EGX will be treated to an incredible demonstration which has, as Valve puts it, “a full-featured, 360° room-scale VR experience”. Oli Welsh was blown away by HTC and Valve’s ‘big leap’ in VR immersion. “I came out with my head spinning – only figuratively – and babbled excitedly at anyone I could grab”.

In addition to HTC’s Vive, nDream’s stunning VR adventure game The Assembly will be playable on Vive competitor Oculus Rift.

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