I’m sure many people have heard of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, or TABS for short, which has been a go to YouTube hit with the Tubers out there for its stupidity, well, its time to try TABZ… for free.

Publisher LandFall released a April Fools speaking about Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator a FPS version of their game with ZOMBIES, lots of ZOMBIES…. wait… well this is what they said.

People always ask us about Zombies, It’s fantastic. Let us tell you about our zombies. We love zombies. No one does zombies like we do. Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator is going to be HUGE. In TABZ we’re going to have so many zombies, the best zombies, you are going to get sick of zombies. Before us, no zombies! SAD!

Better yet, they even released this trailer!

The game plays like dog, and that’s what its suppose to be like, it was an April Fools, and you can still get a free beta key now by signing up to their mailing list. Just visit http://landfall.se/tabz/ and sign up now. Even though it plays terrible, the music is awesome actually, the menu is quality, there were 750+ players on it when I played today, and, yes it will get shut down soon if not just for the April Fools of it, but its actually pretty fun in a weird kind of shit way