Game Lab Social, a vibrant co-working space for creatives, is pleased to announce the opening of a new studio space in Leamington Spa designed to foster creativity, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

As the vision of industry veterans Ollie Clarke and Steve Stopps and supported by Warwick District Council, Game Lab Social will open a space to work with local talent in specifically created workshops, on-site training and access to marketing, pitching and monetization expertise.

Game Lab Social will also work to talent match, combining developer skills to create new development teams with the business infrastructure in place to support burgeoning talent, including graphic design, accounting and legal services.

“Leamington Spa is a hotbed of creative talent and ideas waiting to come together, and with this space, we’d like to help creatives realise their vision in a supportive environment,” said Steve Stopps, co-founder of Game Lab Social. “We’re saddened by the closure of Blitz Game Studios, and as a former employees, we’ll do everything we can to help connect creative talent to enable them to get straight back into what they do best; making fantastic games.”

Born from the gathering in the middle events in Warwickshire, developers of titles such as Morhphopolis, M3ch, the Button Affair and Pocket Titans have already benefited from the skills and services set to be available.

About Game Lab Social
Game Lab Social was founded in September 2013 by Ollie Clarke and Steve Stopps, industry veterans who between them have created AAA blockbusters, million selling mobile hits, pioneered Kinect gameplay and championed Warwickshire based game development.

Game Lab Social is the first stage of a plan to foster creative independent development and combine varied talent skill sets with a vibrant environment.