SavedPicture-201391285349.jpgSpecial screening tonight which rolls nicely onto Friday the 13th ,If your one that likes to be scared on Friday the 13th Cineworld Cinemas has something really exciting and scary in store this Friday as they have a Insidious/Insidious 2 Double Bill planned if that isn’t enough there is still lots of horror and thrillers taking place in Cineworlds and Cinemas across the UK

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Insidious/Insidious 2 Double Bill

A double dose of supernatural terror is inflicted on the Lambert family in the spooky ‘Insidious’ horrors! In ‘Insidious’, we meet schoolteacher Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) and his wife Renai (Rose Byrne) as they move their family into a rambling, rather creepy house. After a series of inexplicable events, their eldest son, Dalton (Ty Simpkins), lapses into a coma from which he cannot be roused. Even moving home doesn’t put a halt to this sinister activity. Eventually, the family summon a spiritualist, who reveals the terrifying truth about what’s going on and embarks on a high-risk seance. By ‘Chapter 2’, the Lamberts have moved on and welcomed a new child into their family. But when they are plagued by ghostly apparitions again, they must unravel the origin of their unwanted connection to the spirit world. ‘Saw’ director James Wan and writer Leigh Wannell’s latest collaboration is a supremely spine-tingling supernatural franchise.

There is still a whole host of scary movies to watch on that very special spooky day , so why not trick of treat yourself to something at your local cinema.