So here we go again Eurovision song contest is here!!!

I will be updating this with selected songs while watching it… What countries are good and what countries aren’t so good.


First up

France which was quite good but didn’t sing in English which was a shame.

Then Lithuanian was up and yes sung in English and looked like a singer from an Ah Ha tribute act but just sounded as if he was talking not singing.

Moldova up next and not sung in English, it is all about the dress red and white then oh gosh dress was made to look like it was on fire which the crowd were impressed with…

Finland next, no Lordi this time ( i miss Lordi) but a catchy high school musical Aqua Barbie Girl style song best song so far…. And that’s saying something…..

Malta – Smile Smile and lots more smiles from lead singer and rest of the band. Good song though.

Germany – I have seen the act live at the Hammersmith Apollo London, she wasn’t good then and wasn’t too good here either.

Romania – Scary… Also Bon Jovi eat your heart out, better version of Its My Life….. Only kidding.

United Kingdom – Here we go…. Its good that is has that Eurovision touch to it, and its easy to sing a long to , song isn’t that bad and fingers crossed we get more then one point (we should, Bonnie does have worldwide fans, so might help) as it’s (bias obviously) not too shabby. Go for it girl!!! Crowd are lovin it!!!! Believe In Me

Sweden – Home nation nothing special and looks like a taller Justin Bieber.

Hungry – Fast forwarded…. Sorry

Denmark – Crowd favourite and camera fade out .. Quite like this one backing instruments work well too.


Iceland – Good vocals but sounded like a Christmas song.

Greece – Er No… Whens your Dolmio Day

Ukraine – Pretty lady but that’s about it

Italy – Sharp Suit , I like the song would be good to see live if sung in English but I don’t think as colourful as other Eurovision winners

Norway – Woah another nice lady , would be good as a James Bond soundtrack I think this will do well, top 5

Ireland – Leather , Blokes oiled up with no tops on and drums. If you can look on from that its a quite good Eurovision song or if your a fan of grease the musical or just normal baby oil seems like the dancers over did it…

Thats all i can be assed to write!BYE

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