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CCP games is set to raise the stakes

2X Skill point weekend kicks off today August 7 for a full week.

CCP games is set to raise the stakes for mercs in New Eden by holding their second 2x Skill Point event!

The 2x Skill Point week isnot only a boon for the entrenched DUST 514 mercenary but also a great way for new players to rapidly accumulate the skill points required to level up and gain the edge in battle.

All key details are bulleted below:

Time – August 7-14 from downtime to downtime.
The double skill point gain applies to all matches played in DUST 514 for the duration of the event.
Active skill point gain is doubled! Your warpoints earned during the match will be doubled when it is converted into skill points.
Passive skill point gain from matches are NOT doubled, this is to discourage AFK farming
Weekly skill point cap is set to 380,800 (that is double the normal 190,400!).
So get ready to double down on skill points and DUST 514 action this week.

More information can be found here.

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