Dinosaurs of China: Wollaton Hall Nottingham

Dinosaurs of China opened this July through until October exclusively here in Nottingham. Ground shakers to feathered flyers exhibition is here to amaze and excite. Fossils and skeletons transported from half a world away to Wollaton Hall. Home of the fantastic Nottingham Natural History Museum, both are enveloped together for all to see spectacular. ThisRead More


Cineworld gets a five-star review as hundreds of visitors vote it their number one venue in The Cornerhouse. The cinema has been named as the Best Overall Venue for the fourth-year running, after Nottingham’s premier entertainment and leisure complex asked customers to nominate the places they like to visit most in the annual People’s ChoiceRead More

Milton Jones is 0ut There : Tour 2017

Milton Jones is Out There. No, really out there and this time he hasn’t just forgotten his keys. He’s holding up the mirror of truth to society, and he can see right through it, which means its probably just a window.  In his brand new show he’ll be putting his foot down and lifting theRead More