E3 2015 – SONY Press Conference – Top 3 Picks

Another day, another lack of dollar, but considering we’ve so far gone over our picks for Microsoft and Bethesda and more, we might as well jump our way to another one of the big guns, and well, welcome to Sony, Read more about E3 2015 – SONY Press Conference – Top 3 Picks

E3 2015 – Square Enix Press Conference – Top Pick

Welcome to our Square Enix Top picks from their E3 2015 conference. Even though there wasn’t masses of games on show, some of the trailers put together though were really solid, even the trailers that had no gameplay at all, just rendered CG, the feel of the trailers were hard hitting, and impressive Depending on […]

E3 2015 – UBISOFT Press Conference – Top 3 Picks

So the time has come for a bit for Ubisoft action. Everyone’s former favourite games company, who after the last few years have had a dodgy run with squeal after squeal, and poor release after poor release, with delay after delay. That’s not to say that they haven’t released some fantastic games over the last […]

E3 2015 – BETHESDA SHOWCASE – Top 3 Picks

Here we have BETHESDA. Welcome back to another TOP PICKS from E3. Considering we jumped straight into the Microsoft E3 Briefing yesterday, well lets jump onto one of the developers media briefings (or as they are calling it, Showcase) instead of straight to the likes of the big three with the remaining Sony or Nintendo. […]

E3 2015 – Microsoft Press Conference – Top 10 Picks

E3 is well into its 2nd day, and everyone has had their media briefings. Things kicked off with Bethesda on the Sunday evening LA time, along with Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft running the show on the Monday then Sony,  Nintendo, Square Enix and the PC Gaming Show with their hit of the action throughout the day Tuesday […]


Crytek reveals an all-new IP built from the ground up for virtual reality technologies. Go beyond boundaries and step into a palpable world of wonder in Robinson: The Journey, a brand new virtual reality game announced today by Crytek. Read more about MAKE CONTACT WITH A NEW REALITY IN CRYTEK’S ROBINSON: THE JOURNEY

Plugged – a new kind of ‘look-and-click’ adventure game 

Plugged is an unique project that offers adventure games’ fans what they love most – decision-based narrative with multiple different paths and endings, that depend solely on choices player makes throughout the game. Developed on Unreal Engine 4 for PC, Mac and Linux is best when experienced on Oculus Rift, although works just as good […]