Review : The Botanist – West Bridgford

The West Bridgford nightlife scene was once so popular, which is why many people were disappointed when some of the most frequented bars closed their doors for good.

But, bringing some new and interesting food and drink culture back to West Bridgford is The Botanist. Due to open it’s doors to the public on Monday 9th October 2017, we were invited through the doors for a sneaky peek before the grand opening – I can tell you that people are in for a treat! Read more about Review : The Botanist – West Bridgford


Multi award-winning pub operator The New World Trading Company (NWTC) has revealed that its hotly anticipated new venue The Botanist in West Bridgford will open its doors to the public on Monday, 9 October. The stunning concept will transform the old Fire and Ice building on Bridgford Road, the most prominent among the main stretch […]

Nottingham breakfast blog: Wetherspoons

“Bah! Wetherspoons!” You may spurt, that is too uniform, too standard. To be considered on a blog of ongoing breakfast reviews. I’m here to say, perhaps uniformity isn’t so bad an idea. Wetherspoons have brought up hundreds of restaurants and pub over the years, business is booming. Indeed also having now moved into the hotelier […]

Breakfast Blog : Warsaw Diner

We continue our quest to find Nottingham best place for breakfast, a full hearty start to the day that isn’t the usual greasy spoon stop.  Recommendations take us to Warsaw Diner, on Derby Road, close to Canning Circus. A themed American style diner, red bench seats, bar stools around the counter. Black and white chequer […]

Review : Sea Breeze Restaurant Sutton-on-Sea 30/7/16

After a tiring day of packing and travelling with kids and dogs in tow, I wasn’t up for cooking any evening meals…besides, I am on holiday which means someone else can do the cooking. Read more about Review : Sea Breeze Restaurant Sutton-on-Sea 30/7/16