We are here #EGX 2016

We have made it to Birmingham’s NEC, for this years EGX. This will be a live update with what’s happening and the games we’ve played or queued up and got bored waiting for. First off when we walked in we were handed a EGX Amazon mag and then and energy drinks and straight away jumpedRead More

A week since we were at #EGX

A week has passed since ItsMuchMore founders James (DreamcastUK) and Daniel (RockerJarvis) attending EGX at the NEC Birmingham, so thinking back about the expo was it bigger and better than last year?

We’re @ #EGX 2015

ItsMuchMore have arrived at Birmingham for this years Eurogamer (EGX) Expo there is plenty of games for everything to be excited about so we will be updating this post with our thoughts throughout the day!