Nottingham breakfast blog: Wetherspoons

“Bah! Wetherspoons!” You may spurt, that is too uniform, too standard. To be considered on a blog of ongoing breakfast reviews. I’m here to say, perhaps uniformity isn’t so bad an idea. Wetherspoons have brought up hundreds of restaurants and pub over the years, business is booming. Indeed also having now moved into the hotelier […]

Dinosaurs of China: Wollaton Hall Nottingham

Dinosaurs of China opened this July through until October exclusively here in Nottingham. Ground shakers to feathered flyers exhibition is here to amaze and excite. Fossils and skeletons transported from half a world away to Wollaton Hall. Home of the fantastic Nottingham Natural History Museum, both are enveloped together for all to see spectacular. Read more about Dinosaurs of China: Wollaton Hall Nottingham

GAME deliver poor service and not Neir Automata

Neir Automata from premiere developer Platinum games and published by Square Enix. Brings us the most polished and accomplished game some say for nearly a decade. An open world, action RPG. An experience set after civilizations fall from a Japanese oriented perspective. Which explores the philosophical questions what it means to be human and the […]

Breakfast Blog : Warsaw Diner

We continue our quest to find Nottingham best place for breakfast, a full hearty start to the day that isn’t the usual greasy spoon stop.  Recommendations take us to Warsaw Diner, on Derby Road, close to Canning Circus. A themed American style diner, red bench seats, bar stools around the counter. Black and white chequer […]

Review: Zenith 

Zenith comes from the relatively young game development and distribution company BadLand games, who have been on a bit of roll in recent times, but are something of a niche Anima, Technomancer, Pro Cycling Manager and the dominant WRC series and Farming Simulator ‘17. Zenith came through the Steam Greenlight programme.  Read more about Review: Zenith 

Review: Jesus Christ Superstar PTC Nottingham Arts Theatre

Coming with a renowned reputation for being the longest running theatre production. Every group knows choosing to take up the mantle of Jesus Christ Superstar knows they have big boots to fill. Penned by Andrew Lloyd webber and Tim Rice for the Broadway stage in 1971. Setting the benchmark formula for many a stage show to follow.  Read more about Review: Jesus Christ Superstar PTC Nottingham Arts Theatre

Review : King Of Fighters XIV – Playstation 4 Exclusive

King Of Fighters is a proud and dedicated flagship title of legendary Japanese company SNK. SNK holds a special place in many gamers hearts. The pioneering developer of both software and hardware proud to keep arcade perfect gameplay and graphics with its NEO-GEO consoles and handheld counterpart the Pocket Colour during the post 16-32-64bit era. […]