Review : The Witch

It has been a while since I have written a movie review probably because it’s also been a while since I have watched a movie good enough for me to write about. The thing with Horror movies is that what I might find good someone else will probably hate and vice-versa. Read more about Review : The Witch

Review : The Invitation 

Last night I watched The Invitation and I think I discovered a gem. It is probably one of the best thrillers I have seen recently and I have to recommend it. It is the kind of movie that invites a conversation during and afterward.
The Invitation is about a couple, Will and Kira who are randomly invited to a dinner party by Wills ex wife Eden who he has not seen in two years and her new husband David. As well as Will and Kira, there other good friends are also invited.  Read more about Review : The Invitation 

Review : Hush

I have watched some good movies lately and Hush (2016) is definitely one of them. It’s hard to find something original in a very saturated genre, especially in Horror/Thriller movies. Hush has a twist that I find interesting and enjoyable. The movie is about an author who retrieves into the woods (which is never a […]

Review : 10 Cloverfield Lane 

I have wanted to watch this movie ever since its release. Thankfully, I watched it last week and I was not disappointed at all. I went into the movie not knowing much about it so I had no expectations. After watching the movie, I was left wanting more. Read more about Review : 10 Cloverfield Lane 

Review : Extinction (2015)

If you are looking for a good Post Apocalyptic/Survival/ Sci-Fi/Zombie movie, then look no further then Extinction (2015). I recently saw this movie and was actually quite impressed. Read more about Review : Extinction (2015)