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USER NOT FOUND | Mansfield Old Library Theatre

Hosted by the Old Library Theatre in Mansfield. ‘No User found’ touring for 2018. Presented with pair of wireless headphones and a ever familiar device we carry in our daily lives, a smartphone. The soundscape one of a brisk coffee shop, cups flattering and unclear background chatter. ‘Hi I’m Terry’
Reviews Theatre Things to do

Shakespeare in Love | Theatre Royal Nottingham

Casting the audience back to an earlier time of history, big frocks and stiff collars of the first Elizabethan era. Playwright William Shakespeare is under the pressure of mounting debts and to add salt to the wound the worlds most prolific writer has writer's block! It's an interesting spin of
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Bram Stoker’s Dracula | Theatre Royal, Nottingham.

It is easy to see the inspiration Bram Stoker had when penning the seminal classic that is Dracula. As he sat looking at the haunting view across Whitby. Observing the abbey in silhouette against a sky of twilight ink. A place I have very recently visited. For the performance this